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The Motley hosts free exhibitions, forums, art shows, poetry readings, music and more.   

there is work to be done on our part towards making sure that all feel welcome to express themselves in our space, and receive respect and engagement upon doing so. we have work to do to remain critical of our past, present, and future.

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interested in showcasing your talents at the motley? Fill out the performance interest form located below! fmi: music.motley@gmail.com 


2016 Black Arts fest


Interested in hosting an event? follow the instructions below.


1. Check out our calendar (on facebook) to find an open event slot.

2. if you are a band/musician and would like to play at the motley, email the music manager at music.motley@gmail.com

3. for all other events fill out the event form


Questions? Email music.motley@gmail.com or community.motley@gmail.com