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At the core of The Motley's mission is a commitment to sustainable and socially responsible supply chains. We carefully research and build relationships with all of our vendors, assuring an adherence to our values. The majority of our products are organic and either Fair Trade, or Direct Trade. Below are some of the local products we sell and the larger companies we support. 

Direct Trade:  closes the gap between farmer and buyer, allowing the the quality of the bean to provide fair wages with the expectation of responsible business practices.  

Fair Trade:  addresses the disparities between conditions of small scale farms by forming cooperatives that sell to exporters. This certification guarantees fair wages for all workers. 

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klatch coffee

the motley buys its coffee from Klatch, an award-winning micro-roastery that has been family owned and operated for 20 years. The Motley has been working with Klatch since 2002, and we retain a close relationship with the owner and much of the Klatch team. In turn, Klatch maintains close relationships with the farmers and communities from which they source their beans, traveling around the world inspecting farms and beans for not only quality, but also sustainable and just environmental and labor practices. Over the years we have purchased both Fair Trade and Direct Trade roasts, which a particular interest in their Fair Trade coffee from the Cafe Femenino Coffee Project that places an emphasis on women's empowerment in the coffee industry. 

Cheese Cave (Claremont)

Need we say more? The Cheese Cave was founded by two sisters, Marnie and Lydia Clarke, who carry on their family's legacy of providing Southern California with the highest quality milk and dairy products. This family owned business offers the finest cheeses from farms around the world that dedicate themselves to respect for workers and environmentally sound practices.

Last Drop Cafe (Claremont)

We serve cookies and pastries from the Last Drop Cafe (in both mini and large). This local coffeehouse is particularly great at providing delicious vegan and GF treats from our dietary restricted patrons. 

Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water

A self-started business that focuses on delivering the freshest, raw coconut water. All coconuts are harvested in Thailand using agroforestry practices. All harvesters are directly connected to, and supported by, the company. 

Student Bakers

We proudly sell a variety of pastries, baked goods, and other treats baked by students of the 5Cs. Once a semester, The Motley holds a student bake-off where bakers across the 5Cs compete to have their products featured and sold. Students cram into our living room and vote for their favorites. Based on these votes, the top bakers are awarded a space in The Motley display case. With our student baked goods we strive to maintain a variety of options that are sensitive to the dietary preferences and restrictions of our customers. 

Art of Tea (Los Angeles)

Art of Tea is a tea importer and wholesaler based in Los Angeles. The founder, Steve Schwartz, travels around the world to find quality teas while fostering relationships with farmers and distributors. Art of Tea is a market leader in Fair Trade and supports developing communities and the environment. 

Fallen Fruit from Rising Women (Claremont)

The Motley serves marmalade, lemonade, and granola from this social enterprise based out of Crossroads, a transition home for previously incarcerated women. Local farms donate lemons and oranges so that these women can make their amazing Lemon Lavender and Blood Orange Chili marmalades as well as their lemonade. 

Miss Donut & Bagel (La Verne)

The Motley carries this local shop's donuts and bagels (vegan too). We choose to sell their pastries because not only are their delicious, they are also of homemade quality and provide reasonable prices. 

Bhakti Chai

Bhakti Chai uses sustainable products and socially conscious production practices, while combining a local focus with global outreach. They support many foundations including Global Education Fund, Global Fund for Women, and Girls Education International (to name a few). 

Clover Milk

Clover milk is a socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and economically viable company that works to produce high quality organic milk at a local level. All the milk served at The Motley is sourced from California, reducing gas emissions used during transport. Clover Milk is Non-GMO Project certified, USDA Organic certified, and HACCP certified, and its damn delicious.